Ryom Mi Hwa / Korfilm


The Korea Film Export- and Import-Corporation “Korfilm” is the state-run film company of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that supports foreign film teams during shooting in North Korea and provides them with the necessary local services.

Ms Ryom Mi Hwa was in charge of organisation during shooting: shooting permits for locations and people, scheduling of the protagonists, technical requirements at the locations, transport logistics, “censoring” were just some of her duties. Since the mobility of foreign visitors in North Korea is extremely restricted – which makes any kind of independent research virtually impossible – she would discuss expectations and options with the director, but then it was often up to her to determine locations and situations. When she first heard about the project back in 2002, she was the one who pricked up her ears, took it seriously, promoted it and worked at it tirelessly for years to make it happen.

Along with Jang Hyang Gi, her “comrade” at Korfilm, Ryom Mi Hwa was personally dedicated to the project – during the long waits between shooting periods as well as during the endlessly long days on location and in difficult shooting situations – and in this way she has, as an important person in the crew behind the camera, left an indelible mark on the film.


Filmography (selection)


Hana, dul, sed ... D: Brigitte Weich


Crossing the Line D: Dan Gordon


A State of Mind D: Dan Gordon
Special Film Award and Best Music Award Pyongyang Int’l. Film Festival


The Game of Their Lives D: Dan Gordon
Royal Television Society Award for “Best Sports Documentary”, nomination for “Best Historical Documentary” Grierson Awards, nomination for “Best Documentary” British Independent Film Awards, among others