Karin Macher


Karin Macher graduated from the Film Academy Vienna where she majored in film production. Her work experience since the early 90s ranges from big commercial projects, e.g. ORF primetime series, to sophisticated, low-budget productions such as Gute Arbeit, which was produced in 2004 in conjunction with “Gastarbajteri”, an exhibition in Vienna about "guestworkers". Since 2002 she has taught at the Film Academy Vienna and has studied at the Rosa Mayreder College since 2010. She regularly works on interuniversity projects on a range of topics, for example content made for mobile or architecture education. Together with Brigitte Weich she founded she base 05 in 2005, a “home base” for professionals working in the area of art, filmmaking, and other community services. Her documentary motherland made in collaboration with Susanne Wastl is currently in the post-production stage.

Contact: macher@mdw.ac.at


Filmography (selection)



motherland in collaboration with Su Wastl
Documentary (post-production)

since 2010

Räume bewegen, Raumschläuche, Die endlose Stadt in collaboration with Renate Stuefer

Hana, dul, sed ... D: Brigitte Weich, co-director


Gute Arbeit S: Ruth Mader


Hakoah Lischot D: Yaron Zilberman, assistant director


The Majestic White Horses of Vienna D: Kurt J. Mrkwicka, assistant director
70mm IMAX


Hinter Rosa Vorhängen in collaboration with Verein Selbstlaut