Documentary, A 2009


Runtime: 98 min, 25 frames/sec.


Original version: Korean/German subtitles

Other language versions: English subtitles, French subtitles

Shooting format: DVCPRO50

Other shooting formats: DVCAM, MiniDV, DVCPRO HD

Other sources: Digi BETA, BETA SP, VHS, VCD

Screening format: 35mm/1:1.85/colour

Sound: Dolby Digital

Other screening formats: HDCAM, Digi BETA, Blu-ray

Other sound formats: Dolby Pro Logic (Lt/Rt), Dolby E,
Dolby AC-3

Main filming location: Pyongyang/North Korea

Other locations: Bangkok/Thailand; Philadelphia,
Columbus, Ohio/USA; Tokyo, Hiroshima/Japan, and others

Shooting period: June 2003 to May 2007

Produced with the support of: Austrian Film Institute,
Vienna Film Fund

Project preparation funded by: Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture

World premiere: Aug. 9, 2009, Locarno (Locarno Int’l. Film Festival/Ici et Ailleurs)

Austrian premiere: Oct. 29, 2009, Vienna (Viennale)

Theatrical release, Austria: June 10, 2011

Theatrical release, Germany: June 9, 2011


Director and producer: Brigitte Weich

Co-director: Karin Macher

Director of photography: Judith Benedikt

Editing: Michaela Müllner

Sound and sound editing: Cordula Thym

Production DPR Korea: Korea Film Export- and Import-Corporation – Ryom Mi Hwa, Jang Hyang Gi

Graphic design: Elisabeth Kopf, Buero Baustelle Vienna

Translation: Hyewon Seo, Heike Lee, Miho Lee

2nd unit Thailand: Heinrich Pichler, Brigitte Weich

2nd unit Australia: Brigitte Weich

Sound US: Julia Wibmer

Sound Japan: Johanna Moder

Dramaturgy: Andrea Wagner

Dramaturgy in the development stage: Ruth Beckermann

Trailer: Christoph Brunner and Charlotte Müllner

Translation English subtitles: Melissa Pritchard

Translation French subtitles: Suzanne Magnin

Additional translation English: Jill Kreuer, Ingrid Kurz

Additional translation French: Annie Weich, Anne Laurent

Translation English website: Kimi Lum

Production company:

Ri Filme
Sandleitengasse 9-13/2/12
1160 Vienna
fon=fax +43 1 9443375
cell +43 699 11 944767


Rolling credits