Jang Hyang Gi / Korfilm



The Korea Film Export- and Import-Corporation “Korfilm” is the state-run film company of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that supports foreign film teams during shooting in North Korea and provides them with the necessary local services.

Ms Jang Hyang Gi did most of the translating and interpreting for Hana, dul, sed ... She was a key figure because nobody in the film crew could speak any Korean and that was the only language the whole football team spoke. Hyang Gi was involved in the project from start to finish and during the years it took to shoot the film we worked together, testing and refining shooting situations and interview techniques, so that eventually she was conducting entire interview segments on her own.

Along with Ryom Mi Hwa, her “comrade” at Korfilm, Jang Hyang Gi was personally dedicated to the project – during the long waits between shooting periods as well as during the endlessly long days on location and in difficult shooting situations – and in this way she has, as an important person in the crew behind the camera, left an indelible mark on the film.